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The Cloud is the intelligence of the system's Cloud infrastructure manages one of the most powerful and intelligent GPS tracking solutions on the market. It's the Cloud that makes the difference.

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Cloud software Runic.IO screen
Reporting of the current position via GPS locator

Real-time location tracking

Through displays on vectorial cartography and the Push technology of our apps and Web Portal, you can have proper real-time updates on vehicles' positions, in order to trace their movements in real time with maximum efficiency.

Analysis of vehicle routes

Route history

All information sent by GPS trackers is saved and stored on the platform for 12 months. The route analysis logic lets you transform a set of GPS positions into one or more routes, displaying the vehicle's daily movements quickly and effectively.

Runic.IO - Program interface for smartphones

Notifications and events's Cloud platform constantly works to detect abnormal activities in vehicles. It can directly notify one or more smartphones or send an e-mail if an event is detected. Various types of events are managed and detected: for example, shifts at anomalous times or in non-permitted areas, device tampering, vehicle towing or accidents.

Reporting the distances measured by the GPS locator

Travel history

A fundamental and highly important feature that lets you know how much a vehicle is used. Through historical data, it is easy to calculate an estimate of future routes and accurately project when it will be necessary to carry out vehicle maintenance.

Stops analysis and reporting of GPS tracker

Stop analysis's Cloud platform contains a specific area to analyse and identify the anomalous or most common stops over a period of time. You can thus view areas with the most common groupings of stops and those with sporadic stops on a cartographic level. This lets you optimise movements and immediately detect unnecessary stops.

Point of interest (POI) reporting from the GPS locator

Points of Interest

Points of Interest, normally called POIs, are a fundamental tool to make the information displayed across the whole platform much more readable and understandable: the POI name is applied as a label at all points of the portal where a GPS position is displayed.

Engine lock

The ignition block is used in the event of theft or anomalies to inhibit the vehicle's ignition remotely, wherever it is. It is a fundamental tool to combat theft.

Multi-user access

Information collected by one or more vehicles can be shared between different users of the same platform. You can invite a user and grant access to all or part of the data in an account.

Parking Function

The Parking function is used to tell the platform that a vehicle is parked. If the parked vehicle moves, a notification is immediately sent to indicate the anomaly.

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